Ativ book 5 530u4e-k01

Samsung 530u4ek01 ativ book5, 2 intel core i5 3337u 1. The notebook scored 598 on the 3dmark11 benchmark, missing the 701 thinandlight. Samsung ativ book 5 530u4ek02 samsung ativ book 5 530u4ek01 samsung ativ book 4 470r5ex01 samsung ativ book 4 470r4ek01 samsung ativ book 4 450r5ex07 samsung ativ book 4 450r5ex04 samsung ativ book 4 450r5ex03 samsung ativ book 4 450r5ex01 samsung ativ book 4 450r4ex01 samsung ativ book 2 270e5ex06 samsung ativ book 2 270e5ex05. Np540u4e k01 14 touch screen, intel i53337u the np530u4e. The ativ book 5 s intel hd graphics 4000 gpu can handle highdef videos and most games with lowlevel graphics. Samsung ativ book 5 np540u4ek01hu notebook arak samsung. Vizualisan vonzo es villamgyors vigyen tobb izgalmat az eletebe a harmadik gene. Discover over 230 of our best selection of samsung series laptop battery on with topselling samsung series laptop battery brands.

Laptop samsung ativ book 5 530u4ek01 gaming performance. Check out our support resources for your ativ book 5 np540u4e to find manuals, specs, features, and faqs. The display is matte 530u4e or glossy touchscreen 540u4e and uses 66 x 768 resolution. Ask a question or start a new topic to get help and advice from our loyal samsung community. Samsung products carry a full warranty, which varies based on products. Ac charger for samsung np730qaak01us ativ book 5 np540u4e.

Olcso samsung ativ book 5 np540u4ek01hu arak, boltok egy helyen. Samsung np530u4ex01ru ativ book 5, asus zenbook ux42vs. Laptop samsung ativ book 4 470r5ex01 gaming performance. Samsung series 5 530u4es02de ultrabook, which came equipped with the. A series ativ book 8 ativ smart pc chromebook m series n series nb series nc series nd series nf series np series ns series p series q series qx series r series rc series rf series rv series series 7 chronos sf series v series vm series x series \. New dc jack dc222 for samsung np530u4e np530u4ek01 np540u4e. We all know that it is the nature of samsung series 5 ativ book notebook. Baterie do laptopow samsung akumulatory do laptopow samsung. Samsung, samsung ativ book 5 530u4ek01 np530u4e k01ru, ativ book 5 530u4ek01. The ativ book 5 is the renamed series 5 samsung model with a 14 led backlit 66 x 768 display and a 3rd gen ivy bridge intel core i5. Fit for samsung notebook 7 spin np730qaak01us ativ book 5 np540u4e product information product dimensions 3. For its lightness, it is a portable and mobile laptop. Aby znalezc baterie do laptopa samsung, wybierz model baterii samsung lub model laptopa z listy ponizej.

Samsung 530u4ek01 ativ book 5 samsung 530u4ek02 ativ book 5 samsung 530u4ex01 ativ book 5 samsung 530u4ex02 ativ book 5 samsung 535u3ca01 samsung 535u3ca02 samsung 535u3ca03 samsung 535u3ca04 samsung 535u3ca05 samsung 535u3ca06 samsung 540u4ek01 ativ book 5 samsung 540u4ek02 ativ book 5 samsung 900x1aa01 samsung 900x1ba01 samsung. Apple, mac, laptop, netbook, nettops, all in one pc, latest laptops, latest tablets, desktops, tv, camera, telephony, printer, projector, scanner. Batterie ordinateur portable samsung np740u3e 7500 mah. Samsung ativ book 5 530u4ek01 np530u4ek01ru samsung ativ book 5 530u4ek02 np530u4ek02ru samsung ativ book 5 530u4ex01 np530u4ex01ru. The samsung ativ book 5 is a slim, yet sturdy 14inch touchscreen. Samsung ativ book 5 530u4ek01 samsung ativ book 4 470r5ex01 samsung ativ book 4 470r4ek01 samsung ativ book 4 450r5ex07. You can also register your product to gain access to samsungs worldclass customer support. The samsung ativ book 5 is a windows 8 touch notebook that offers long battery life, punchy sound, and a clever way to integrate your galaxy. Samsung ativ book 5 530u4ek01 games, gaming performance, specs, images, specifications, game compatibility, benchmarks. Batterie ordinateur portable samsung ativ book 7 7500 mah. Operating system windows 8 pro 64bit processor chipset intel core i5 processor 3337u 1. Samsung series 5 ultrabook main focus point samsung series 5 np530u4ek01au ultrabook intel core i53337u 1. Best value samsung series laptop battery great deals on. Samsung ativ book 5 np540u4ek01hu notebook arak osszehasonlitasa, a laptop reszletes leirasa es samsung ativ book 5 np540u4ek01hu felhasznaloi velemenyek.

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